The Man With The Red Sack And Sleigh

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The Man with the White Beard and Red Suit
The man with the white beard and red suit is known by many names. Some call him Papa Klaus, Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Santa Nicola, Sinter Klass or Santa Claus. No matter which name he’s known by, children and adults all gather in great expectation of his arrival. In Sweden, for example, the Christmas celebrations begin on December 13th with the feast of St. Lucia. In Byzantine countries, Christmas is celebrated Read more…

Making Decorations To Put On Our Christmas Tree

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Every Christmas, families gather to celebrate their favorite winter traditions. Among these traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. To personalize their tree while enjoying a fun activity with their family, many people enjoy making their own ornaments. Here, are a few of the best ideas for ornaments that you can put on your tree.

In many craft stores, clear glass or plastic balls can be found that can be filled with colorful items. For a whimsical twist on this classic ornament, try Read more…

Baking Christmas Cookies Together As A Family

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Don’t let your Christmas cookie time slip away this year without enjoying some fun activity time with your family. The right planning can help you turn Christmas cookie baking into a treasured family holiday tradition.

Why Bake Christmas Cookies Together?

Start Conversation – Use Christmas cookie baking time to build a tradition with your family while starting a discussion about traditions that other people observe. Encourage your children to shape and decorate cookies with the Christmas elements they want to maintain, like the Christmas tree or Read more…

Books That Teach Children About Santa

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Santa Claus is available in every library. From well known classics to books you’ve never heard of, you can find him. Books on plays, music, crafts, or stories, it’s all there. Including CDs and DVDs, you will find it. But most of all, there are books. Go to search their catalog. You will find it under “Santa Claus.” Some of the stories are old, some new. Some about animals, and some not. Since Santa Claus is universal, you will find him. From infants to toddlers Read more…

Do Other Countries Celebrate Christmas Like We Do?

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What do you think of when you hear the word Christmas? For me I think of music, and time with the family, beautiful lights, and the cold winter air. Have you ever considered if other countries celebrate Christmas like we do?

The chances are that a lot of countries do celebrate Christmas. I have known people in many different countries, and most of the time thy do celebrate Christmas like us, although sometimes there are subtle differences, such as the main dish Read more…

When Will Santa Visit My House?

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Children are always asking when Santa is going to come to their house. The answer is different for children around the world because it is based upon cultures and how the parents feel about specific traditions. A lot of children enjoy being able to set out cookies and milk for Santa to be able to consume after his long trip down the chimney. It brings them joy and delight as they wake up in the morning to see the cookies Read more…

Teaching Children About Santa Claus And Christmas

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Teaching children about Santa Claus and Christmas shouldn’t wait until they hear various explanations that confuse the issue. Young children will have difficulty separating the fun of Santa Claus from the truth that Santa isn’t real.

How you deal with the Santa Claus tradition will depend on your background and what you want for your children. When children are very young, you might want to pretend Santa Claus is real, making a big deal out of Santa’s visit and do everything to create the illusion of Santa as a real being. (Of course, you’ll have to explain Read more…